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Our Pricing Is Simple

FBA Removals includes:

  • Receive

  • Unbox

  • Inspect

  • Inventory - we send you a report

  • Relabel and/or rebag as needed due to Amazon damage

  • Pack for shipment to back to Amazon


Additional Services


Storage until you are ready to send back to FBA

(unboxed so you aren't paying for Amazon shipping boxes' extra volume)

Relabeling Products

Example: you want to change the FNSKU label

Rebag Products

 (Poly Bag)

$2.50 per standard unit

$3.00 per oversize unit

$45 per Pallet per Month

$0.60 per Cubic Foot per Month for  small amounts 

$0.55 per unit

$0.75 per standard unit

$0.90 per oversize unit

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